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Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's here!

I got my personalized 1st Personal Diet today!! I just finished reading everything and totally forgot I need a scale to weigh out my food. Crap. I meant to buy one over the weekend but I have to go grocery shopping for my food so I may as well just get one then. After reviewing my blood work results it looks like it wasn't as much of a hot mess as I thought it would be. Everything looks normal, I'm not even close to diabetic, which I wouldn't have been surprised about.

So far my personalized diet is not what I was expecting. Its pretty plain and simple. Three meals a day and it lists 3-5 choices of what you may eat per meal, none of them are much. I suppose the diet will not change for 12 weeks or whenever I reach my goal weight. Then I will begin "re-feeding" which is basically introducing normal foods to the body. The good news is the food is pretty basic and plain so I wont have to go out and spend a ton of money on new food.

Tomorrow I will weigh myself, measure myself and take pictures of my hot bod. I cant wait. (sarcasm) I will officially begin my diet on Tuesday.

The real shitty part is that I am going on a mini weekend vacation. I will have to be the party pooper who has to bring my own food. Other than all that, I am excited and very determined and motivated. The plan says that my ideal weight for my height should be around 103-109 but that seems a little too small to me. Its more important to me on how I look and how my clothes fit than how much I actually weigh. YAY!

On another note... The Saints win Super Bowl XLIV!! WHO DAT!!! They deserved it, that was exciting. What was not exciting was to come home this afternoon to find many many messy men in my front room surrounded by a 50" plasma TV that I had never seen before. Apparently it was a steal. I'll be the judge of that when I check out my credit card tomorrow. Not tonight, I'm just not up to it right now.

Titanic is on and its taking me right back to Leo's Romeo and Juliet days when I was but a wee girl writing letters to Leo confessing my love. Ahh, its nice to know I am in the same mindset I was when I was eight years old. Not much taller and not really any more mature either.

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