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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

My biggest addiction is all the trashy reality shows. I love Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Teen Mom (I know, trash!) but no matter how bored I am while I'm laying in bed during my normal television watching hours I refuse to watch Jersey Shore. Everyone I know watches it religiously so I figured I'd give it a chance to grow on me. I can honestly say I would rather walk on hot coals than watch another minute of that show. THAT, my friends, is trashy TV at its finest. Personally I do not see the appeal whatsoever.

On another note, my husband and I had date night Friday night. My mother in law watched the girls so we went out for a small dinner at an Italian restaurant near our home and then went to a "two-for" (I'll explain) at our brand new movie theater, also right by our home. Our "two-for" movie dates consist of one movie we paid for, and one we just happen to accidentally walk into right before it starts. At $11.50 a pop we take it upon ourselves to get our moneys worth. With careful planning We were able to see It's Complicated and Did You Hear About The Morgans?

Did You Hear About The Morgans? was ooookay... It had its moments, and I will admit I'm a sucker for anything Hugh Grant. I give it a seven out of ten on the Rachel Movie Scale Rating. With that having been said, It's Complicated was by far the funniest movie I have seen! Definetly in my top five of all time. The cast could not have been any better and the entire movie had me in tears from laughing. I LMAOed if you will. Typically in a theater this packed I would have been the only one laughing at parts of the movie deemed stupid or corny, but this movie had the entire audience in stitches. I give it an eleven out of ten!

I love a good movie or book but afterwards I always feel that the next movie is inadequate. Since my husband was such a good sport and saw my two movies (chick-flicks) of my choice, I promised him Avatar this weekend.. it would be The Lovely Bones if I had it my way...

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