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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reebok EasyTone

So, I've heard a lot about the Reebok EasyTones, I do a lot of walking around the house all day, so I figured I'd check them out, if I can get nice legs just by doing what I do why not? I went to my Lady Foot Locker this morning and immediately was discouraged. I am a Nike kind of gal, I always have worn Nike.. I feel they are the more attractive shoe. I guess you could say one of my many bizarre pet peeves is an ugly athletic shoe. I came home and realized I must be nuts to not buy the shoe just because they're butt ugly. So I held my breath and went on the website to order a pair. Surprise! You can customize your own shoes, which is exactly what I did! Everything from color, to sole, to even putting your name on the heel! Fantastic! $129 and 5-7 business days later I'll be the proud owner of the shoes pictured above!

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