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Saturday, January 23, 2010

TRYING to Get Pretty Without Spending Billions

Congratulations to Heather and Mike on their new little girl, Annabel!
You can read Heather's Blog at

As I've mentioned before, is really great resource for those of us who try and color or take care of our hair from home. I'm not ready to color my hair by myself, seeing as I've been there done that and it ended in disaster way more than once. I did however order a ton of products from the website that will hopefully get my hair back into great condition. When they arrive I'll post before pictures to keep track of the great results I'm expecting.

I also am looking for a new skin care routine. I love Proactiv but I've noticed that especially when I go tanning, the Repairing Lotion bleaches my face and freckles. My face also feels tight after using it so I'm going to try out a few more products and see what works best for me.

I've seen infomercials for Murad Acne Complex, which looks good on the commercial but after doing some research and reading reviews on it doesn't seem to be all its hyped up to be. As I am writing this (and watching a Teen Mom marathon) there has been a Proactiv ad at each commercial break, and apparently there is a NEW Proactiv. I might give that a try. If the "new" formula doesn't work as advertised then I'm DONE! As you can see, I am all about second chances. I love Arbonne products, but they're kind of expensive. We all know beauty products are expensive but there's only so much I can pay for an entire face kit.

Aside from facial cleansers I'd love to find a wrinkle cream that works. I've never used any wrinkle cream before because I'm still young (I'm only 25!) and I just haven't had the need. Lately I've noticed the skin under my eyes is a little thinner and sometimes darker. I also have a few wrinkles around my eyes and would like to stop those lines in their tracks before they worsen. I think I'm going to give Olay ProX a try, I've heard good things!

I love Crest White Strips! I first started using them about six or seven years ago and they worked right away! Typically I use them once a year, the results never fade but I like to use them anyway.
I haven't tried the newer versions they've come out with, I normally buy the original ones you use twice a day for half hour each time for fourteen days. They work fabulously!!

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