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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"How does it feel knowing you're gonna have to wake up to the same face everyday until you finally have the sweet release of death?"

My husbands work hours changed. He normally lets me fall asleep first and then he wakes up a good hour before I do and since I'm in a pretty solid coma while I'm asleep I never have to hear THE snore. His work hours changed about three weeks ago, now he's in bed and asleep before I am. I can hear him right now and he's on another floor with closed doors in between us. I can not wait to join him.......

I bought these little pink ear plugs that come in a pack from Target. Fail. Although muffled, these earplugs are for a more mild case of Husband Snore than mine.

Plan B.. My father is an Aeronautical Engineer, I remember him taking me to a hangar that housed jets used in the Air Force. He must have the hookup to the good earplugs, right? Yes, score! So he got me a less attractive, yet more effective pair of ear plugs. But did they keep the hog snoring at a lull? NO! Son of a....

I have been putting my industrial strength ear plugs in then on top of that putting some heavy duty headphones on, which gets the job done. Finally. Then this morning I had to be up early to get everyone ready and drop the kids off at my mom's wake up early since I was scheduled to cover a coworker's [very] early morning shift. I woke up after an unusually fabulous sleep, looked at the clock and that's when the poop hit the fan. It was 10:30! I was supposed to be up at 6:30! I took the headphones off.. and removed my earplugs only to hear the sound of two different alarms going off and children talking. *side note- when I try and sleep in on a weekend the girls will have none of it. But thanks for letting me sleep in this morning ladies!

Suffice to say I did not make it to work and now owe my coworker an "I'm sorry" alcohol beverage or some kind of tasty treat.. Since I'm not going to start going to bed at eight, there's nothing I can do about the snoring pickle, except endure it.

For better or for worse. Ugh.

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