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Saturday, January 23, 2010

"No Mommy, I Not a BABY!"

The other day Leila had a play date with her cousins, Mia and Ava. I picked her up and we came home. It was just the two of us, Dan was working late. We sat at the table to eat dinner when she said "Hey Maaaammy.. uh, can I talk to you for a minute.?" I giggled to myself whenever she says something grown up in her little person accent. "Maaam. Ava and Mia BOTH have big girl beds. And I don't."
*side note- Leilas starting to talk more like a little girl than a toddler. She's in her cute stage where she repeats things she hears (regardless of what that might be). She has a toddler accent mixed with a Chicago accent she gets from her dad mixed with the awkward Chicagoan/Irish accent I have acquired through the years. People think I'm a little mixed up, imagine how they feel about my child.

Anyway, Leila's bed is for a toddler. We retired the crib at a very early age (actually we didn't, but she had Super Crib that will transform into any bed she so desires until college). I know its awful, but fifty percent of the time she sleeps in my bed with me. Anyway now she wants a "big girl bed". I was looking at fancy princess beds, or beds with cute little trundles underneath, or even beds with pink canopies and butterflies. Dan shat on that by actually making a good point- I hate to admit. Kids grow up fast. By the time shes nine she won't want a princess or butterfly bed anymore, so we'll have to do this all over again. "WHAT is your solution then?" I snapped at him.. sorry honey. "A queen bed woman, a queen bed!" We're going shopping this weekend for a queen bed that she can comfortable sleep in until shes 18, respectively.

Soon we will be shopping for a new home where an elevator ride to see Daddy will turn into a car ride. Leila is growing so quickly and life is changing whether I want it to be or not. We have lived the past three and a half years perfectly without so much as a glitch. Will our new memories be just as easy to make? I tend to look back and miss the most obsolete moments from my past without expecting that I just might miss the moment I am in.

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