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Monday, January 18, 2010

My Makeup Must Haves

Proactiv works great, I'm not crazy about how it dries out my skin, but as far as clearing acne, its wonderful!

This little sponge works with your foundation to give you a perfect airbrushed look.

Normally I don't use waterproof, but its a must have when you're pregnant!

OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark or Lincoln Park at Midnight are my two favorite darker nail polishes.

These MAC false eyelashes are great for a night out, my natural lashes aren't very long at all. The lashes I chose are criss cross, which you don't notice when they're on. To me these are MAC's most natural looking false lashes.

Lip Glass by MAC, any color! I love them all!

Blush or a little bronzer.. Again, I go with MAC or RedEarth.

Concealer and Mascara are the two things I can't leave my house without. They're life savers, and each is so easy to use. I used a pressed concealer MAC makes for awhile but this little one in a tube is much more convenient.

Satinfinish Foundation by MAC - it doesn't glop up and its not obvious you are wearing makeup.

I love eyeliner. Especially any liner in the form of gel for my top lid. For the bottom I always go with a pencil.

These nose strips are great to grab the gunk stuck in your pores off your nose. I like to put them on my husband and see what gross debris comes off his face =)

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