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Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Name is Rachel and I am a Trypanophobiac.

Today I registered and sent my payment in for the 1st Personal Diet. The next step is to have a blood test taken and sent in. I HATE needles. This is a bizarre phobia seeing as I work in a hospital, never the less I'm terrified! Once I had blood taken was when I was in high school. I stayed home sick all day and by the end of the day when my mom got home from work I was having shooting pains in my right side. What else could it be than appendicitis? So my mom took me to the 24 hour emergency care right by my house. The first thing they did? Draw blood. It makes me cringe just writing about it. I had blood taken and waited for hours on end only to find it was an extreme case of...... gas. That actually sums up the story of my life. Any enigma always finds its way back to gas one way or another.

Anyway, I have to have my blood taken and I don't know what will happen. Maybe they will take pity on my pathetic display and let me get it done the old school way.. aka- a finger prick for ages 12 and under. Great.

Aside from that I'm pretty excited! When I begin, hopefully in a week or two, I will start logging everything.

On another note, I've decided to redo our front room. I'm going to Ikea tomorrow to see what I can come up with and perhaps purchase a new comforter since ours is looking a little dull and heat seems to be unable to find its way into our bedroom.

Aside from losing the baby weight I had a few other New Year Resolutions. I decided to get my hair back into healthy condition. Its taken quite a beating from all the box color black to bleach blonde back to black and so on. I think I'd like to try to get back to my natural color, whatever that may be, and most importantly.. healthy! I'm waaaaay overdue for a haircut as well.

I waited all month for a new episode of The Office and tonight was the night. Kind of. It turned out to be one of those episodes that re-airs old clips from various other episodes. Every show does that at some point or another and its a pet peeve of mine, especially since I've seen every episode at least three times each.

I stopped in Bath and Body Works this evening and I bought some aromatherapy "pillow mist".. You spray it on your pillow and its supposed to make you fall asleep or something along those lines. Hopefully this will help me with the snoring issue. If not I've tried everything on MY part, the next step is having him wear some kind of nose strip or mouth guard or whatever one who wishes to rid themself of SNORE might sport.
I also bought another Wallflower. I have a few around my home and they work great! This one however has a night light attatched! Its perfect! I plugged it in the wall right by the Diaper Genie in Leila's room. Stank free AND shes got a lovely new nightlight! Win-win!

Each were on sale at Bath and Body Works, the mist was $2.75 and the Wallflower was $1.75. Now that I think about it I should have gotten a few. I'm waiting for their giant rubber duckies to go on sale!

Speaking of B&BW.. my roomate in college used a lotion called Bring Up the Rear by True Blue Spa. Its a lotion you put on your arse, thighs, or really anywhere thats got cellulite on it. She was very thin to begin with, but we all have a little cellulite.. According to her and reviews online it works pretty well so I plan on trying it out in a desperate attempt at reducing my dimply bum.

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