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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPad Thinga Majigga

So, we are a Apple family. My dad bought me my first MacBook a few years ago right before I had my daughter. At first I was irritated since I had grown up using a PC and I didn't really feel like learning how to use a Mac. I was pleasantly surprised when it took me less than a day to get the hang of things. Now there's no way you could get me to buy anything else. Even at work.

Same goes for MP3 players and cell phones. I love my iPod and my iPhone. Just when I was ready to buy myself an Amazon Kindle, Apple comes out with something that looks very similar but seems to do much much more. Now I know that my husband and I each have our own laptops and we have our family desktop we share, along with our iPhones. As if we didn't need another silly electronic. But seriously, if someone told me I could never have another iPhone I don't know how I'd survive. Life changing. Kind of. Anyway, I think I will hold off on buying the Kindle until I can check out the iPad and see if its worth the hefty price tag.

Speaking of iPhone, I get bored easily and love to change the cover on my phone. I found a really cute Paul Frank cover

I don't really have the time or money to shop but Valentine's Day is coming.. And as I always say- Go big or go home.

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